Sunday, July 31, 2011

I've been BIZZZZZY!

I've been a BIZZY BEE these past few weeks. Bought a Sizzix embossing/die cutting thing and have been totally involved creating fun die cuts.  I invented "Holy Roses".... cute flowers made from an antique Bible. I'll post a few pictures here but you can't really see through my packaging. I used them on some greeting cards and already sold one in my shop.  I'll post some close ups next post.

Have a wonderful summer day!

Here are the flowers all packaged for merchandising.... You can kinda see them.
 Here's one of the cards. Also used vintage lace, images, button and ribbon.
 And another card....
 Here's the little table I covered with a quilt, to show off my cupcakes, journals, cards, etc.
 Here's the wall. I've sold so much, it's almost bare! Hafta switch gears and squeeze out those acrylics. I've got a great idea for a teapot painting. Plus! I still have to bring in my "Pup-Cake" paintings (with Molly, my Saint Bernard, and a cupcake.) Barbara suggested I make a stack of cupcake paintings on a raised cake plate. Looks cute I think.

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  1. What a LOT of eye candy! The flowers look lovely from what I can see and the vintage card is beautiful!


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