Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Visual Journals?????

Ok... so, If I'm going to be part of this thing called Visual Journaling, Sketchbook Challenge, whatever, I've gotta post stuff... even if I'm not so proud of it yet.  It's kinda challenging to just let go and let the images appear out of the junk I apply to the surface.  Mystele calls it "GUT ART" and I'm digging it. Please don't judge... these are my first attempts.

This gal looks kinda scary, but she was in there, in the face of the turquoise tissue paper I stuck down.
 This one is not done yet... I'm liking the whimsical nature. I'll be journaling all over the place.
 These two gals are just me practicing.
 I've been taking my hubby to medical appointments... this one I did while waiting a few hours in the parking lot.
 And this one is about counting my blessings.

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