Friday, September 2, 2016

Sweet Blessings Gratitude Journal

Hello friends... I love making gratitude journals! This is a new style for me... lots of layers of lace, shabby chic papers, and plenty of writing spots.
Measures 8x6" with over 16 pages, some that flip open, and filled with journaling opportunity.
AVAILABLE IN MY ETSY STORE  SOLD at our First Friday Art Walk
 I love this vintage pink fabric! You'll see it peaking out here and there. Plus, it made a wonderful shabby chic tie closure. (After I took this picture, I decided to embellish the cover a bit more.)
 Inside the front two pages... The page on the right side is a very old vintage postcard that flips open.
 Here's the back side of the postcard. The right side also flips open...
 With a little pocket and a journaling card. The tag in the pocket says 'I joyfully let go and Let God'...there's another journaling space on the back of the tag.
 The next two pages each has a pocket, one with a tiny envelope to tuck something in, and another tag is inside the vintage crochet pocket.
 On the left you see a rolled rose from a vintage dress, plus an antique barrel key. On the right is another pocket with two tags tucked in.
 Just a pretty layout.
 Flipped over to another pocket and tag.
 And the right side of that page opens to reveal more journaling spots.

 Another crochet pocket, journaling space, and sweet 1930's daisy fabric with a pocket.
 Next two page spread finds some beautiful vintage laces, some of that lovely pink vintage fabric, and of course, more pockets and tags.
 A vintage crochet doily makes the pocket on the left... and another fabric pocket is sewn onto the the right side.
 A sweet decorative envelope is secured within the pocket on the left, and another journaling card in the paper pocket on the right.

 More pockets, fabric on the left, a velum pocket on the right, mounted on a piece of designer paper.
 On the left, a vintage Holy Card. When you flip it you can read the prayer.
 Holy card is flipped open here with several journaling pages too.

 Another spread, with two more pockets.
 A sheer chiffon makes a slide in pocket on the left, and a teeny tiny pocket is on the right.
 Last two pages... pocket on the left holds a few vintage postage stamps. Angel on the right holds all of your prayers with gentle Sweet Blessings.
 I love the back cover so much! Just LOVE the vintage fabric.

Thanks for looking. I hope you enjoyed this little journal for prayers or gratitudes!
AVAILABLE IN MY ETSY STORE  SOLD at our First Friday Art Walk

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