Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My kind of vacation....

Ah... after the over-the-top month of December, both for creating art and SELLING art in my shop, Boulder Creek Antiques and Art, hubby and I are here at Angels Camp, enjoying five days of just peace, quiet, and art work.

 I just started another of Joanne Sharps Journaling classes. "My Awesome Life, 2014". A year of journaling. This page is off topic, but my intention is to create art, not to sell, but as an act of prayerfulness. Thus I decided to do a layout of the Buddhist "Loving Kindness" meditation.
 I LOVED picking up the watercolor brush! It's been about two years since I played around with watercolors. Ah... the delicious feeling of a brush loaded with drippy, saturated, color!

I started out yesterday by sketching and painting the undercoating of a sunflower painting in acrylics. This is a painting I'm doing with the intention of selling.... but, I'm trying to get away from the push of producing 'sale-able' art. The Art Journal is dedicated to ME... just for me... for my own pleasure. (Not sure I'm all too comfortable with that concept.)
 This is just the under-painting.... much more to do. But I got kind of bored and switched over to my art journal. Is there a message there? hmmmm

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  1. I love your journal page and the sunflowers. I can't wait to see the finished picture.


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