Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Creative Day...

I felt the energies of these two Spirit Dolls calling out to me. so I spent the day in my studio, and look who turned up!

In Greek mythology, Terpsichore ‘delight in dancing’ is one of the nine Muses ruling over Ballet and Dramatic Chorus. This Spirit Doll was created as a tribute to my new friend Brigit, to remind us to continue to dance through life, no matter what life brings us. No matter what we must do, we can allow the Grace of Dance to influence our thinking, to move through the challenges of life.

Terpsichore was crafted from a river washed branch found in Yosemite Valley. Her body is molded from Lacy Moss collected in Monterey Bay. Her clothing is crafted from recycled silk scarves and decorator fabric samples. Her face and breastplate are molded from terracotta clay, embellished with African trading beads and Czech Glass beads. The purple leaves are from a vintage flower corsage.

The Re-emergence of the Goddess...
 She is awakening;
She is opening;
The veils of illusion have lifted.
She is here to remind us to lift our own veils of illusion and to embrace our passion & purpose.
 ‘Emergence’ was created from a mere Monterey Bay Cypress branch, already covered with lovely Lacy Moss. More moss was added to her body, along with torn strips of Thai Silks. Her head piece and Brooch are vintage. Her face was molded with terracotta clay and painted with many layers of  Byzantia glazes.


  1. Thank you my friend, Magpie! (I love your blog name!) I consider that quite a compliment coming from someone who makes such amazing art herself! I just can't get over your tatting! xoxo


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