Sunday, October 6, 2013

HESTIA Goddess of Home and Hearth

Hello dear ones.... As I was assembling my latest batch of Sacred Faces to photograph and list on Etsy... one of the faces spoke to me!  Here she is....

 In Ancient Greek religion Hestia is a goddess of the hearth, home, and family. She came to me today in the form of a vintage hearth broom. I followed her guidance as she chose fabrics and beads that spoke to her. Does she speak to you? To me, she seems to be offering great understanding and compassion for the sacredness of our hearth and home.

 Her face and adornments are made from terracotta clay, staying true to her organic nature, (not the plastic polymer clay). Painted with layers of Stewart Gill paints. Her clothing is painted and dyed muslin and beautiful, flowing Thai Silks. I was about to iron the silks and her guidance said, "No. I represent the imperfect in all of us, transforming to beauty. Much like trying on your mother's clothing. So leave the wrinkles." And I did.

Her necklace is of terracotta clay impressed with an 'Impress Me' primitive stamp. All of the red/orange beads you see are harvested from a vintage Czechoslovakian necklace I own (yet hardly ever worn).
 She hangs naturally from her broom hanger, perfect to hang on your hearth. She hangs 14" from the top of her head (not counting the hanger part) and measures 11" arm to arm.

Here she is, still on her painting tile, amongst her sisters, also now listed on Etsy. (Make your own Spirit Doll!)


  1. She looks so serene - are your faces!

  2. Hi Chris,
    I love Hestia! She emits tranquility! Love her.
    Hugs and I just uploaded 2 New Paper dolls to my blog (Frida Kahlo dolls) if you can please visit and leave a comment.


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