Tuesday, October 8, 2013

'Gaia's Daughter'

DAUGHTER of GAIA seemed to create herself. Wrapped around an ancient river washed branch found in Yosemite Valley, she speaks to me of living consciously upon the earth. Wearing her modest jewels, she is elegant in her vintage, hand crochet wrap. Reminding herself, and us, of her profound connection with Nature, she wears a petrified fern as her featured adornment. Her petrified fern is molded from terracotta clay (also organically of the Earth), coated with layer upon layer of the wonderful Stewart Gill paints.
Her face and adornments are made from terracotta clay, still staying true to her organic nature, (not the plastic polymer clay). Painted with layers of Stewart Gill paints. Beneath her crochet wrap, she is dressed in layers of silks and hand dyed gauze.

She has a modest hanger on her back. And she measures just over 12" tall.

She is for sale HERE in my Etsy shop and will be shipped to you PRIORITY mail, nestled in a bed of silk scraps. I've found silk scraps perfect, lightweight, protection for shipping. And! you'll have a bounty of silks to play with.

Have a wonderful, blessed day.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Norma. I'm looking forward to your next blog post! (hint hint) I love our cyber art community!
      xoxo Chris

  2. There's an amazing amount of detail...and I love her name!

    1. Thank you! A compliment from the most amazing stitcher (and teacher!) around! Are you going to get back to doll making again? Your stitching is wonderful!
      hugs to you, Chris


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