Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Votes for Women" A fabric & Lace Book

Ah... this has been in my mind for several months! Finally, I harvested my ideas, and here it is. Just in time for our election. It makes me so thankful that these women paved the way for us.

 It measures about three inches thick.

 Inside the first spread.... pocket on the left holds a copy of the 19th Amendment, giving Women the right to vote. The fabric on the right side is from an antique Victorian dress, lace and snaps. All the photos have been printed on fabric. Though out you will see both vintage and new laces and trims.

 From the next spread.....

 Note the ebony piece of jewelry tied on with vintage lace.

 Lucy Burns was just one of many who went to jail, were forced fed, all so we can vote.  The pocket on the right side holds an image of one of the posters of the time.

 Last page spread.... the vintage doily on the right encases another pocket, with another poster, asking for your vote.

 The back side. The entire book is covered with rich, heavy upholstery fabric. The interior pages are made from some heavy ticking-looking fabric, that honors those who went to jail.
 (For Sale in my Etsy shop.)


  1. What a lovely book, Chris! I'd love to get together again -- any chance of a cup of coffee some time soon? I'm in between Open Studios weeks and therefore have a moment to breathe . . .

  2. Hi Chris,
    What a fantastic book you have put together! Love all the pages, photos and fabric choices.

  3. I just found your blog. This book is fantastic. I love every page. This summer I made a wall hanging using the same photo you used on your book. If you get a chance hop over and take a look at my blog. Can't wait to finish perusing yours.
    Hugs Jackie

  4. This book is fabulous. I love every page in it. I just found your blog. So glad I did. I used this same photo on a wall hanging that I made earlier this year. I would love it if you would hop over to my blog and take a look. Going to finish perusing your blog now.
    Hugs Jackie


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