Saturday, October 27, 2012

Returning home today...

Yes, I loved being up here at Lake Tahoe, snowed in, because I got soooo much done! Here are the bottles I began. (I'm saving the lace and wax for my studio at home.)

And here is the pile of newly covered journals.

And some of my worktable mess....

Now for a beautiful drive home on a sunny Fall day, through the heartland of California.... to our home sweet cottage in the Redwoods.


  1. Oh I love your cottage in the Redwoods! I'm coming over for tea and a walk in the woods!

  2. i've only been C.Q. for a short time and would like for you to explain your " journal books" i saw a photo but am not understanding..i love all your Cqin. and your cottage is adorable, i'd like to visit sometime, when i get that far from Texas.. thanks for your wonderful blog..molly/


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