Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What I've been working on.....

So, I'm on a roll now, creating my series "Angels of the Spring"  As with the previous painting, it is mixed media collage and encaustic.... actually, I've started another one today.... I'm one of those who likes to keep several projects going at once.

Here's the whole painting.... I loved playing with the found images when they showed up... like the arch. I hadn't seen it until I stood back, so with a little touch up I continued the straight line and accentuated lines that suggest stones or bricks.

 I love these flowers... they are all collaged from some fabulous papers. They just felt right around her neck.
 These are the pics of the crackle finish. I love the suggestion of age, then an application of hot bees wax (encaustic) gave it a mystical sheen.

 You can see the crackles really good here..... and up above.

And so, I started collaging layers of papers yesterday, then more layers of paint, stencils, etc.  I had a small Idea of where I was going....

 And here she is.... amidst ferns and fauna, my woodland nymph angel.  I did a little more on her after this picture. Actually, I painted her all COPPER! and she's beautiful!  I'll post more pictures tomorrow.

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