Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This week's work....

I've spent all of the last week working on this last Angel of Spring piece.  I'm not happy. I am happy. Depends on where I look. Her mouth still needs work. The size of her head shawl is way too big. I like the backgrounds. I like the colors in her face. Her face was done using Sharon Tomilson's "Faces in Collage" technique. I used a vintage photo of my mom! She was sooo beautiful. Here, she was about 15 I think.

I used Angelina fibers for her shall... they are still really glittery, but will tame down with the encaustic layer. I also used some vintage hand tatted trim around her veil. I like it... still working on the staining/coloring of that.  And I also like the Rosary necklace that I placed in yesterday. It also, will look great with the encaustic wax coat.

Oh... and I think she needs hands. I was trying to get away from painting hands... but looks like I need to.

So... I've been frustrated... ALLOT! with this piece, so I've started on something different.... birds on a wire, using vintage music collaged onto a canvas, then heavy layers of paint. Here's how far I've gotten...
I love the thick heavy brush strokes. Even used some heavy modeling paste here and there. I like the depth of adding more and more layers, and using a huge brush, bigger strokes.

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