Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Granddaughter Turned 20!!!!

How can that be! Just yesterday she was the cutest little thing, chubby, adorable feet. And, yesterday, she's a mature, beautiful, 20 year old! We went for a mile walk for her birthday, along the beautiful Santa Cruz Coast. Tomorrow, we'll have her, family, and her boyfriend for dinner.

So... I've been busting my you know what, selling stuff on eBay this week. Didn't have as much time for art work as I had hoped.  But here's a collage of Brit I did this afternoon. It doesn't look quite right. But I'm bushed. Don't know how to fix it.

Sweet blessings dear friends.....

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  1. You have her captured here Chris! her smile - that expression that is so Brit. The little details that need work still you will see one morning when you wake up..."Oh that's it!"

    This is how it works for me mind (or is it Spirit :-) solves those artistic details for me in my subconscious (when I am not thinking about it) and while I asleep. This is why I work on my art is stages...

    Love you, you fellow artist!


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