Monday, December 26, 2011

More Birthday Give Aways! GOT CAKE?

Whew, now that Christmas is over, the holiday still continues in my heart. I don't really feel relief, in fact, it's kinda sad that suddenly all the Christmas music stops.  But I'm on a roll now, for my BIRTHDAY GIVE AWAY.

Today I am gifting one of my cupcake paintings. It measures about 4x5", painted on a studio canvas, no need to frame.

Keep leaving your comments. I'll pick random numbers on January 4th and will send the winners my/their birthday gifts!

Sweetest Blessings for continuous Holiday Joy



  1. You are so kind to be giving stuff away for your birthday when most of us want to run and hide. Have a blessed birthday.

  2. Gorgeous cupcake picture! Love the texture and the cherry on the top.


  3. Loving this party of yours where you are sharing with us. Very nice of you. Happy New Year!

  4. Now I want some chocolate cake for breakfast. It looks so yummy.

  5. I always find it a bit of an anticlimax after Xmas, too. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead, Chris, and many happy returns for your birthday. I love the cupcake canvas!

  6. Happy Birthday to you! I'll be 65 this year also. I hope this is your best birthday ever!

  7. your paointing is really cutte. molly looks like a real sweetheart, give her a hug for me please

  8. What a scrumptious idea!....
    I'm drooling already....LOL

  9. The cupcake painting is so cute and Molly is a sweetie!
    Happy upcoming Birthday! Enjoy! and thank you for being so kind as to offer something to everyone else.


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