Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Vacation Time - Time to create, time to nap!

Ahh.... finally, our long awaited vacation! We're at the lovely San Luis Bay Inn at Avila Beach, just north of Pismo Beach. An easy three hour drive from home. We've got an amazing two bedroom suite, a corner unit overlooking the bay and ocean!

First picture is the amazing sun rise on Monday morning.... keep scrolling down, you've got to see Bill's amazing art work!

so, this is my office away from home. I didn't get out of bed till noon today! Can you blame me? it's amazing!
Here's my honey looking out our livingroom deck.

AND! here's my honey finishing up this amazing angel sketch! I did the preliminary rendering via photoshop ( note the computer picture in the corner) Then Bill renders it on a huge 36" square canvas! This man is the most phenominal artist! Just look at his precision! Tomorrow I'll add in the color. I love these collaborative paintings!
and I'm so thrilled to be married to this man!
I'll post more tomorrow... he's already plotting out another canvas!
Blessings to all, and time for another nap!


  1. Happy new year Chris & Bill! What a marvelous union of two artist-souls... a divine and precious gift. ..love to you both..
    you do beautiful work together :)
    :) Cheryl

  2. Chris, I'll pop in now and then to see the color added to this very special piece of art.Poor me, I'm stuck with a projecter! Bill is sssoooooo much better because he adds his own touches. Janene


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