Sunday, January 11, 2009


AH... my soul has been quenched! It's my last morning here in my bed, in my sanctuary above the Pacific Ocean. Here are the views out my two windows.

The winter sun is now higher in the sky, yet close to the horizon, creating delightful shadows on my nearby hillside. The tide is in at the moment, so my friendly and boisterous seals are stretching their morning vocal cords on a distant pier... I can still hear you! In the afternoons they take residence on the rocks just below my window and they talk to each other in these deep, throaty, aarrkking sounds. It's all music. And, I'm not clear why the fog horn sounds on clear, sunny days, or clear, moonlit nights??? Again, it's all music! And, of course, Mother Ocean has serenaded this entire retreat. (Will I be able to sleep without her lullaby?)

My soul is full... my creative juices sizzling with excitement to get home to my studio to create! No, I didn't create all that much while I was here for this week... BIG progress for me, to let go of my goals to produce! while on vacation! INSTEAD?? I actually NAPPED! Deep, deep, afternoon sleep, on our Winter sunny deck, in our deep, oversized recliner that my honey hauled out for me. A deep sleep that had dreams playing on the insides of my eyelids. Dreams with soul messages, about choosing to live ON PURPOSE... on MY purpose. If I am going to teach/lead others, I hafta walk the talk! And, it's all good! I'm thankful for naps.

So I depart with an attitude of extreme GRATITUDE! God is GOOD. I am REFRESHED.

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