Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Vending at the Quilt Fair

Oh my... such a great time visiting with like-minded fiber artists!

Here I am visiting with my booth partner Lorri Scott of LAS Fibers.

This is a precious lace book featuring Cabinet Photos of Victorian girls and their dolls. The front cover supports a darling 'Frozen Charlotte' dressed in vintage laces.

 Tucked into a pocket on the last page is a little hand made book for you to record memories of your dollies.
 This book will be available soon in my Etsy shop.

Now, this next book was created to honor the Wise Women who paved the way for us today. A lovely lady purchased this book at the fair...
 Every page is embellished with fabrics, fibers, laces, and trims that best suit the feeling of the woman honored. Mother Theresa's page is actually made from a cotton baptism dress.

 On the left you see Amelia Earhart, embellished with plaids, buttons, and a stiff collar. On the right is Sojourner Truth...the turn-of-the-century collar I used on this page, almost exactly copies the one she was wearing!
 I'm looking forward to creating another one of these albums dedicated to our ancestors!


  1. Hi Chris I really hope your sales went well for you from your booth recently!
    Both of your lace books are just amazing. You have used some amazing cabinet cards and such gorgeous lace and doiley pieces. Your collection must be amazing!
    Love both books but the wise women one appeals strongly to my inner heart!
    Thanks for sharing and all the best,

    1. Hi Suzy! Oh my... thank you for taking time to comment! You must be so busy with your move. I'm looking forward to pictures of your new home and studio!
      Yes, the Wise Woman book was popular and sold almost immediately. Another will be in the making. I just love making these books. The dolly one was so fun, especially making the tiny embroidered doll clothes for the Frozen Charlotte. But then, maybe it's because I learned to sew at my mother's feet, using scraps to make my doll clothes. In the 1940-50s, my mom made ALL of our clothes. I think dress cotton was 10 cents a yard!
      All my best to you, Suzy, as you make this move!
      xoxo Chris


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