Tuesday, November 17, 2015

More on Self-Care

So happy and blessed to own a Worldmark timeshare. Here is our Clear Lake resort. You can see my unit right in the middle, ground floor. A sweet, huge studio, for a whole week! Peace, quiet, time to be still.

With this exception! I've been visited by a sweet mama and her four semi-wild kittens. Yes, I fed them. We'll see later this week, I'll research animal shelters to see if mama has been missing. In the mean time, I'm blessed to be entertained by their antics!

Even though the weather has been chilly, my patio is quite sheltered and I've enjoyed some very simple watercolor sketches in my 'Midori' art kit. Planning on making some alterations, and then a pattern. A very handy little traveling art kit!

Feeling so blessed! Also, I'm enjoying several of Mathew Fox's books, two about Hildegard and also reading his revised autobiography 'Confessions'.

Sweet blessings to you.

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