Saturday, December 6, 2014

Le Petit Journal Tutorial (in progress)

Hello friends.... I'm teaching another mini journal class tomorrow: 'Le Petit Journal'. I've been asked for a written tutorial, because it's hard to remember after class. While I'm still working out the written part, here is the visual diagram of the long stitch binding (so much easier for me to understand)...

And here's my rough draft of the written instructions. I'm open to any critique, proofreading, or helpful suggestions!

Basic Instructions for Leather Book

1.         Decide the size book you want

2.         Cut or tear papers to size

3.         Fold paper in half and create signatures to desired thickness

            Stain edges of papers if desired

4.         Cut out the leather to size, measuring around stacked signatures, leave overlap if wanted

5.         Cut endpaper to size, place on inside of leather cover (you will trim the ends later)

6.         Make a template from the signatures, marking three holes

7.         Lay your first signature on left side of leather and end paper

            Pencil mark the end paper and signature where the holes will be punched

8.         Punch first set of holes in leather using template as your guide

Punch holes in the first signature also using template as your guide

9.         Cut sinew 2 ½ x the height of book

10.         Place first signature near left inside the book, not all the way, leave room for folding.

11.         Open signature and…

  Sew in thru the middle hole of signature, end paper and leather, out to the back

              Then in thru the top (outside) hole, thru the signature, then out through the bottom hole

              Come back in from outside at the middle hole, keep needle on opposite side of long stitch

              Pull both ends tightly, tie off, and press into hole, clip ends.

12.         Make crease front end paper towards signature. Press the fold sharp, then press leather.

13.         Place second signature close to the first, mark holes on endpaper and signature

              Punch holes in endpaper and leather, punch holes in signature

 Proceed to sewing as you did in the first signature

14.         Continue with each signature. On last signature, crease the endpaper towards the left, then press leather.

15.         Finish with closure of your choice.

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