Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Guest Artist and lots of new Spirit Faces...

Good morning dear friends. (If you're here for the GYB Blog Hop... scroll down to my previous post.)
We are doing a happy dance here in the Santa Cruz mountains of California. It's been raining! Finally! and more than just a drizzle, yet not too-too much to cause flooding or landsliding. We are all grateful for the Prayers and Rain Dances!

Sherry Sharp, of Dream a Little Designs, created a Blessed thing of beauty with one of my Spirit Doll faces! Here is her Spirit Doll, Aurora, meaning "Goddess of the Dawn."

Sherry writes: "This enchanting doll will be a symbol to you of new beginnings, and new love and adventure in your life.  Evokes Angels, guides, and good energy into your life to watch over you.

"Aurora has a Mother Earth Goddess theme, as she represents Gaia, seen through many cultures as the One Mother Goddess, Goddess of all the ocean, skies, mountains and living things. I used as much dried flowers and branches as possible, and an angelic face made of earth clay...." You can see Aurora HERE in Sherry's Etsy shop.

I'm just feeling so blessed that she created such a Sacred thing of Beauty and Blessings, from one of my Spirit Doll faces. Do check out her write up about Aurora... Sherry's composed a beautiful poem accompanying her Spirit Doll. Read it HERE.

So, what have I been up to this week? Lots of clay work! More than four pounds of terracotta clay! But with the rainy weather and high moisture in the air... they are not drying very quickly!

 I made a new mold from a wood Goddess carving I purchase in Bali 20 years ago. I'm pleased with the ancient look of the faces. Some pin holes and hieroglyphic impressions seem to enhance their look. What do you think?
 And! Be still my heart. I received a gift certificate from my son and daughter in law... and so this week, a dream came true... I now proudly own a beautiful pair of Gingher pinking-shears! They cut so beautifully! I love them.

Have a Blessed Week, stay dry, or warm, or cool (if you're 'down-under')
 or what ever keeps you safe and comfortable, where ever you are!
Sweet Blessings, Chris


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh - what a wonderfully creative week! And, I'm hoping that that rain keeps on working its way to NV...we could use a REAL downpour in Vegas! Happy Saturday - Tanya

  2. beautiful faces. I love getting gift certificates. Just today I used mine to buy a Fiskars rotary cutter I have been wanting.

  3. Interesting faces, as always. I love your use of terracotta - something different.


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