Sunday, October 18, 2009

Learning for a GRADE?

Oh wow... I am faced with the conundrum: am I learning for the sake of learning? or am I valiantly trying to regurgitate to get an A???


Well, that's the very short synopsis of this week's struggle. I do know that I've got loads more brain synapses firing now than I did a few months ago when I exuberantly signed up for:
Introduction to Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Mind, and Psychology of Personality. (Read FOUR heavy duty, lots of reading and writing, classes!!) I'm doing quite well in the first three, all philosophy classes, due mainly because the professors love to teach and truly want their students to learn.

Psych of Personality is to the far extreme, taught by a not-so-popular professor who seems tired of his subject, doesn't seem to have any current information, and who seems to enjoy tricking his students with DMV-like true-false test questions. (Throw in one tiny word that changes a long, complex sentence/concept.... just to trick us.) I am ashamed to say my first test lotted me a 58%! All my seat mates were in the same range.... but I'm going to school for me.... NOT to regurgitate rote memorization. I truly want to understand concepts, implications to current situations, and relevance to life.... not get tricked up by an erroneous date in the middle of a very complex theory.

'nuff said!

So... talked with the academic counselor and I'm retreating with out shame! Done with Psych of Personality... sounds like a great subject... but will be open for a much more inspiring prof!

With that said.... I'm really, REALLY loving my Philosophy classes. I'm needing to close in on my "Major" and what I want to persue after this....

lots of ideas.... more I'll explore in later posts.

Much love to anyone who reads this. I really appreciate your comments.

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