Monday, June 10, 2013

Sneak peek into the new studio... and a bit of frustration and a wedding!

Hello dear friends. You may be wondering where I am. No, I didn't stay in Tahoe! (Although who wouldn't love to!) My hubby and I have been organizing the new studio. Thought you'd like to sneak a few peeks!

Hey, my friend Sharon Tomlinson posted pics of her workspace this week too! See here.

You're only getting to see the newly organized  'lacy sewing side' for now.

This was my second choice for the sewing machine. Unfortunately, the counter I wanted to put it on was just too high. I couldn't reach the knee pedal that lifts the needle...very important when playing with laces. FYI: it helps to work in the studio for a day, to reposition supplies and tools. You don't know what/where you'll need those tools!
 This is where the machine started out. I wanted the great light from the window. Counter was just too high, even with the lift on my chair. I actually like it better this way, gives my so much more workspace!
 A closeup of my laces, hanging from a vintage towel rack.
 A leftover cabinet from my granddaughter's days in the room. Took the little drawers out so the spaces are perfect for rolls of lace or cards of seam binding or rickrack.
 This lovely piece is an antique Victorian desk organizer. Painted white, it provides more cubbies for storage. Still have goodies to put away in here.
Now, here is a piece of frustration! Finally got back to some paper art, making mini-albums. Last year I bought some cheap tape for my ATG. Haven't used it in a few months. The tape turned to an ugly mess, sticking to BOTH sides of the 'no-stick' tape. I fooled around with this for an hour, a sticky mess. I reordered the 'real' stuff from Amazon. Lesson learned.
So that's it for now. Hope you all have a wonderful week!
Oh... one more thing. Speaking of Tahoe, My son Tim married his sweetheart Toni last week. Just a week after his brother and I were there! We all LOVE Toni. So happy for Tim!


  1. Your new work space is wonderful. I can sympathize with the "cheaper not being better" syndrome with the tape. Your son and his new wife make a lovely couple!

  2. Hi Chris, What a great lacy workspace. So inviting. Thanks for the link-up.

  3. Your space looks so sweet. I love the sewing machine desk area.

  4. Hi Chris
    You have certainly made a studio space that really reflects you! Perfect lighting for the work we do and love your lace edging on shelves and your little cubby holes for your trims.
    Have a lovely Sunday,
    Blessings to you,

  5. Awww, very nice blog! Congrats to your son and your family on the wedding!


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