Friday, February 15, 2013

Jackpot! Another big SCORE! This time Fabrics!

Well, it was a lovely day in Santa Cruz, just a few miles from our house. Hubby and I had a bread bowl of clam chowder while watching the boats and seagulls. It was almost 70 out!  It took me quite a while to calm down after my big score! Scroll down to see why! (and dont forget to leave a comment to be included in the March 1 giveaway!)
 We gave the leftover bread bowls to the seagulls for dinner.
 And HERE IS MY SCORE! After selling three purses and some other art this week, I stopped by Harts Fabrics and found the regularly up to $35 a yard short ends of upholstery fabric on a sale table. I usually buy this yardage at $8.99 a yard.... but... BELIEVE IT OR NOT!!! It was on sale at $2.99 a yard!! this is what 33 yards of amazing fabrics look like!

 This is what it looks like, neatly folded on my sewing studio shelf.
 And here's my messy shelf...(no comment)


  1. How pretty your shelves look! Congrats on the steal of the month! I really love it when I get a good deal on some expensive supplies/materials/tools! It makes me feel as though I've won for a long time. I think this one would last WEEKS!

  2. These are all so gorgeous. You are going to have so much fun with those fabrics

    Lesley x

  3. Great find! I hardly ever stumble into anything like that.

  4. OMGosh! I would be jealous if you weren't so happy about your great luck at having these fabrics! Each piece of fabric is so pretty that I can't decide which I like best. But I think it's the green flowered piece. Do you have a favorite?

  5. You are just lucky I wasn't at the same Market or everyone would have had the opportunity to watch two women fighting over those wedding gowns, LOL!

    Even your messy shelves look so inviting as they are. Happy is the day that we run into treasures like these, congratulations! Thanks for letting me drool vicariously.

  6. How do you do it?! You find such wonderful bargins!


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