Saturday, November 12, 2011

A question to pause over....

Recently, one of my Yahoo art groups considered that question.  Gave me much to think about. Here is my reply....

Oh my, that's a huge question I think about often. (I'm also going to be 65 soon.) So, I give my stuff away or make it to sell. (and I sell my stuff cheap!) I just am sooo happy creating little books, collages, journals, to send out to the world. Then I think, someday I'll be gone but some of my "juice" (love, energy, joy?) will pleasure someone else.

Once in a while I hit an estate (or garage sale) and can feel the energy of the person who was into their art. I LOVE to purchase their art/tools/gadgets. It makes me feel like I'm part of a larger circle of life. And I know I want someone like me to find my stuff someday.

I have a few things I make and keep just for myself, because they give me so much pleasure to look at. Maybe it's silly, but I get some juice out of thinking that someone else will enjoy (or be blessed) by my art. I think, for me, that is the greater motivator, rather than self expression. I totally lost myself for more than a week creating the baby album for my god daughter, personalizing it just for her shower last week. My problem is, I don't think, in fact I know, that my family really doesn't appreciate handmade gifts.

Sadly, this reminds me of my godmother's art in the 1960's. Aunti Anne spent weeks creating a HUGE picture of the Last Supper, all in tiny rocks (colored gravel). She gave it to my cousin for Christmas... and it spent it's life hidden behind the couch. I felt sorry for my aunt, she put so much time and love into something that had meaning for her, but her daughter never really "got" it. My aunt also covered a streetcar hubcap in little 1/2 inch tiles and gave it to me as a wedding present 45 years ago. Guess where that is? Yep, front and center on my china cabinet. I love that bowl!

so for me... I make it and pass it on, out the door it goes. Thanks for posing this question. It's a good one to ponder, and I think I've gone on too far. You can see my goddaughter's baby book on my blog if your interested. (I made my first slideshow/movie!)

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  1. This is a beautiful post, and I hope that someone like you does find your treasures to cherish and pass on.


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